WOWBOW introduces the Skritch cat scratcher.

Combining the distinctive lines and curves of the Mija range, the Skritch provides your cat with the ultimate alternative for keeping their claws in perfect trim. Unlike other cat scratchers, the Skritch is not only functional but keeps true to the WOWBOW ethos, that design should not be ignored when providing lifestyle solutions for your four-legged family member.

The Skritch benefits include:

  • Vertical ribbing to prevent claw snagging
  • Integral fittings for vertical and horizontal wall mounting
  • Removable sisal tube for quick color changes and replacement
  • Sits flat on the ground for kittens and wall mounted for adults.

Available in October 2009 (price £350 inc. VAT). Please contact us for further details.

Skritch cat scrather
Cat with the Skritch cat scratcher
Options available in the Skritch cat scratcher